Bend, Oregon Residential and Commercial Designer

“I believe that the design process places the client at the center of attention. As your guide, it is my responsibility to ensure that your journey is life-changing. When the design is complete and we have reached our destination, the life you live everyday in your new home is reflective of your exploration and experience.” – Jeff Warwick

photo of jeffrey warwick a central oregon architect with a level and drawing pad
Jeffrey Warwick – Owner & Designer

Through a focus of one-on-one client interaction and a boots on the ground approach, Jeff helps his clients create a vision for a home that captures the essence of the location and their unique way of living. His innovative detail oriented design process is key to creating one of a kind custom homes and spaces that honor the land and function beautifully.

As founder of Open Road Design, Jeff brings over 18 years of design experience and a robust background in Computer Information Technology experience to every project.

He specializes in custom residential homes and extensive remodels to create the home of his clients dreams. His background includes work history in educational, medical, high end housing developments and commercial architecture as well. He is based out of Bend, Oregon and travels regularly for consulting and design projects.

His light-hearted, approachable demeanor and commitment to the success of every project makes working together pleasant and straight forward. With an eye for details that many overlook, he is able to draw out each client’s unique daily needs while balancing the client’s vision, budget, and site.

Throughout his career, Jeff has contributed and designed hundreds of homes across the United States. In his role as Principal Designer and Creative Director, Jeff works hand in hand, on a daily basis, with clients and manages Open Road Design’s creative team.

As an innovator, design thinker and career long advocate of the environment and the Green Building movement; Jeff has worked on multiple LEED projects including LEED Platinum homes. He integrates energy efficiency and healthy home principals into every project.

Jeff is an avid reader and authors a blog that focuses on design, energy efficiency, and forward thinking construction methods.

Jeff is most importantly a father to Hanna. He is also a mountaineer at heart and enjoys climbing, biking, and exploring all the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

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