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Sawyer Residence

Central Oregon’s boutique custom home designer.

Located in Bend, Oregon, owner Jeffrey Warwick has spent over 18 years perfecting his craft at top architecture firms. Weary of the fast paced, churn-and-burn building mentality that overwhelms commercial and residential architecture, he opened his own company to spend the rest of his career doing what he loves. Designing elegant unique homes, built the right way.

He eliminated costly vanity metrics…fancy offices, over priced office managers and inefficiently large teams. You will work directly with Jeff and be supported by his hand picked core team to understand your unique needs and create a home that is stunningly refined down to every detail.

Recent projects

A Different Way To Design

True design requires feeling the land, studying the light and knowing the people who will live in the home and their unique needs. Whether you own a lot already or want guidance in selecting the perfect lot, Jeff will walk the land with you and guide you in starting your project right from step one.

Unlike most designers who check out after plans are approved, Jeff personally visits each job site regularly to ensure that the project runs flawlessly and the builders execute the design properly so your home is true to vision.

“Jeff is an amazing designer. He has an unique ability to take what you are picturing in your head and create a beautiful home that has everything you imagined only better. He took the time to get to know the land and positioned the house perfectly. We have beautiful views from every window and privacy where needed. We knew from the initial phone call that he was the right person to design our home. I think it’s Jeff’s ability to really listen that makes it easy to bring his clients ideas into existence. We would give him 10 stars if that were an option!

Anne and Scott Sawyer


The Williams Residence

Bend, OR

The Sawyer Residence

Bend, OR

Norton Ranch Homes

Bozeman, MT

Williams Residence

“Designing this home with Open Road Design was great. We created a fantastic home design, it turned out so beautiful, and it is very functional. My family and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks Jeff!”

Dustin Williams

Designed To Be Built

Custom home designers and builders have a long history of battling with each other over the designer’s ideas and how that actually translates into building a practical weather proof home that will last for generations. Jeff has nearly two decades of boots in the ground work including high end developments where building waste can mean the difference between profit or project failure.

He actively works with his builders to ensure every plan is drawn to be built to the maximum efficiency and aesthetics. He prides himself on making balanced recommendations on where to splurge and where to save, so every dollar you invest is spent where it matters most.

“Jeff was so easy to work with! He made the process so simple.
He was an excellent communicator, encouraged collaboration and feedback and turned the work around quickly. We would definitely recommend him for your project!”

Jaime Gruol

Union Street ADU

Building A Better Central Oregon

Raised in Central Oregon and an avid outdoorsman, Jeff invests into protecting Central Oregon. While growth is inevitable and welcomed, he is a firm believer of respecting the land. As an innovator, design thinker and career long advocate of the environment and the Green Building movement; Jeff has worked on multiple LEED projects including LEED Platinum homes. He integrates energy efficiency and healthy home principals into every project.


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