Custom Home Designs

When it comes to building a home, you’re not just building the structure. You want to transform the space into a building that will become your safe havenꟷ a sanctuary you’ll always look forward to going home to at the end of the day.

Choosing to build your own home will require you to take on a rather challenging but adventurous undertaking. Expect that there will be a ton of ups and downs however, being able to get a structure built from the ground up will make it really satisfying. With the right team of architects at your side, you will end up with a home that meets not just your needs but your specific tastes and preferences as well.

  • You get to be in control

Perhaps one of the best things about custom homes is that you will have a say in every single phase of building it. You get to select everything that will go into the new house from the materials used to the appliances you will be adding later. You get to decide how big or small the spaces inside the house should be. Every single element of the new home, from the interiors to the exteriors, will be yours to decide.  

  • Enjoy more flexibility

Thanks to modern technology today, it will be easier to implement your preferences and ideas. We will be working with you throughout the design process to ensure that at the end of the day, we will create your perfect home. Our experience in the field ensures that it will be more than easy for us to get your ideas implemented no matter how complex they are while also maintaining flexibility so whatever tweaks are needed along the way, so everything gets done to your satisfaction.

  • Choose top-quality material

With an already built home, you can never be really sure of the quality of the materials used in its construction. With custom-builds, you get to choose which vendor to source your materials from to ensure top-notch quality. The last thing you want is to move into a home which build materials you have not truly checked. This could mean having to do frequent costly renovations over the years because the materials that went into building the structure have easily deteriorated.

  • Better express yourself

It can be quite frustrating to have to make do with living in a structure with a design and style that does not really fit your personality, preferences and needs. Unfortunately, this is a reality most homeowners have to face these days. Not with a custom build design though. With a reliable architect by your side, it is more than possible for you to create a home that will be a true representation of your taste, style, needs and personality. Every single part, room, space and element of the house will be a true reflection of who you are.

  • Budget control

A custom build also takes into consideration how much you are willing to spend. This ensures that the design will be created with your financial capacity taken into account. Thus, preventing you from going overboard where funds go.

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Large Additions

Tired of having to make do with the limited living space in your home? Want your home to sport a new look but remodeling the property is out of the question? A large home addition may be one project you will want to consider looking into.

Home additions are ideal as it is so much easier than having to move out, sell the house and find a new and larger home. Large additions make it possible for homeowners to extend their living space minus the hassle involved with clearing out and moving out and moving into a new home. At Open Road Design, we have been at the helm of more than a few large additions and we will be more than happy to help you execute your ideas for extending your living space!

  • Add space to your home

If your current house is fast becoming a bit too cramped and crowded for you and your loved ones, extending your living space is a good way to go. If you have decided to take on a new hobby and need a new room to hold your bobs and ends, an addition is something you’ll certainly want to explore. For those instances when you just love your current house and cannot bear the thought of moving out but you need more space, large additions would be a heaven-sent solution for you.

  • Add value to your home

When done the right way, home additions can add considerable value to your property. If you have any plans of possibly putting the property up for sale in the future, strategic large additions will make all the difference in the final price that it is going to fetch. With the right architect at the helm, your large addition ideas can be turned not just into a practical extension of your home space but also an ideal venture that will help it secure a good market price in the long run.

  • Accommodate more people

Are you finding the current house cramped due to the addition of a family member? Thinking of taking in a pet but worried that you might not have ample space to make your home an ideal setting for it? Are your in-laws moving in or your kid is moving back home? A home addition may just be the perfect solution for you. With this, you won’t have to move out of the house but still be able to accommodate more people in.

  • Save money

Adding a new room or an extension to your home is relatively going to cost you less than having to move out of the house. If you just want to have bigger rooms or more living space in your current home and you’re not keen on the idea of having to pack your things and move out, then an addition is worth looking into. It is certainly going to cost you less than having to uproot you and the rest of the family somewhere with more space.

When contemplating a large addition to your home, Open Road Design has top-notch architects to help you. Call us today!